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Player reports?

Discussion in 'Public' started by cad80_99, May 21, 2017.

  1. cad80_99

    cad80_99 New Member

    Aug 7, 2016
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    So I try to be active with forums for servers I like.

    A lot of forums use a report a player. But then they break it down and lock and move threads in the section to either a banned or not banned section. Not banned they explain why so that the player who reported as well as others can see.

    For wallhack for instance a video (usually ingame recording) is submitted and must contain conclusive proof. Like no just using killcam, or edited etc. You guys can say what is allowed to be used etc. like if shadow play could also be used to record and then upload to YouTube. Etc.

    Also similar would be a ban appeals section with excepted or not etc.

    Just a thought on this. Thru steam was told you guys monitor server for cod4 and forums but it does not seem that way. At least to myself and some others. Love the server cod best maps.

    Also if do monitor, would be nice to issue temp bans or warnings to players who accuse, or complain to much about players play style etc. if players accuse, can simply state if they feel someone is cheating record and submit the proof. Or defend the player being accused.

    Usually taken a lot better from an admin/moderator as they can then kick, temp ban etc if they continue.